How to Enter Bios in Windows XP?

The BIOS, Basic Input Output System, is entirely separate from the OS. The BIOS offers to the system’s hardware and some communication devices. Mostly, people have a habit of leaving their BIOS alone and never enter the BIOS setup, but there are some settings that might need to be modified when you make changes to the hardware.

Modifying the boot order is the most common change that users commit and some users over clock the CPU to increase computer performance. The BIOS will change based on the motherboard, but what OS you are running has nothing to do with the settings. If you want to clarify in regards of the BIOS settings, you can call the professionals by dialing Windows XP support phone Number instantly.

a) Restart Your Computer

The classic way to access the BIOS settings is when you begin the computer. During the start procedure, the computer will show a message just for a few seconds prompting that you can press any key to enter in BIOS. When the computer starts, you need to read which key you have to press to enter into BIOS menu. If you do not see the key, just restart the Computer until you see it.

b) Press The Special Key

During the time of start, the PC will show which keyboard key you must press to enter into BIOS. Depending by the guidelines from the start-up process, press the keyboard key to enter into Setup or BIOS.

Some common keys used to enter into the BIOS menu:-

• F2
• Del
• F10
• F12
• Esc

c) The BIOS

In the BIOS menu, you can browse with arrow keys and if you want to exit, go to Exit, then press on ‘enter’ or follow the guidelines from the screen.

If you cannot find the best solutions from the steps above, you can take aid by experts by dialing their windows XP customer support number. You can find the remedies of the queries you have regarding any confusion. The Step-by-step explanation of the same will be given right there without taking any time further.

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