Microsoft 365 Introduces Some Compelling Features to Windows 10!

Microsoft stole the thunder by introducing some exciting and new features to Windows 10. 365 apps are getting some great improvisations and features like 3D, scalable vector graphics, Surface Dial, and much more; these new features will bring some worthy innovations and perfections. The advances will make you using a digital pen even better than the old pen and paper, provide new ways to interact with the documents and widen up your alternatives for making rich and interactive content.

You can dial Microsoft customer service number for fetching more valuable info on the renewed updates.The new updates are:

Improved Inking Support

The new Ink Editor significantly enhances Office 365’s support for inking. You can not only mark documents with ink but also utilize the pen to edit by adding a line via words to delete them, circling text to select it, and snapping the highlighter into the text.More functionality will be added to the software to make you go for the thing. Ink Replay is another cool attribute that allows you to rewind and replay inking in the Office 365 docs. It is now available for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on the Windows desktop.

Surface Dial/Studio

One of the most thrilling features introduced by Office 365 is the Surface Dial that works off-screen with the Windows 10 Anniversary Edition Systems & on-screen with the Surface Studio to provide the latest way to interact with creative Apps. The Pinch-to-zoom allows for zooming out to more easy navigation through long docs. Large-screen page view will come for Word 2106 for Windows in early 2017.

Support for New Content Types

The enhanced 3D support for presentations and documents will bring some great effects and innovations. This 3D feature will come for Office 365 for Windows desktops in 2017 along the Windows 10 Creators Update. With it, Office 365 Apps will also support SVG- (scalable vector graphics). The icons and pictures will be offered by Microsoft through a built-in library of quality content that are scalable without worrying about pixilation. It will support SVG graphics from any of the source, making it easy for creative using Adobe illustrator and other apps to plug the artwork into the docs and presentations. From 3D to Surface Dial to using the great new Surface Studio, it is clear that the company is taking the ‘productivity solutions company’ plan seriously.

If you want to fetch more information on the fresh update, you can discuss with the experts by ringing them at Microsoft office customer service number instantly. Apart from going with this option, you can even browse the Internet for online web directories that offer customer care numbers of the desired brands and the products. Such one of the leading website is Contactforservice.
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