What is Panda Antivirus Collective Intelligence Security Platform?

Panda is known for its unmatched services to detect viruses on computers and other devices, by offering a strong shield to protect them in an effective way. Malicious elements, malware, and other viruses can infect the system can cause some serious problems. Panda has been known to have excelled the Saas concept. This concept is made to provide antivirus solutions to cloud-based environments. It was introduced in 2007 and offers automatic threat scanning.

Panda Antivirus Collective Intelligence is and automatic malware detection and protects your systems that has the collective store of knowledge shared by millions of users. Through it, the computers that are a part of the community, share and get benefited from all the malware information stored and frequently updated in the cloud.
Panda Security is regarded as the first security vendor that has the technology, infrastructure, knowledge and the experience to apply the approach to its high-quality products. Panda Security offers maximum protection based on Collective Intelligence. It automatically helps various users to own the best to protect their system from threats.

The Collective Intelligence platform not only detects malware than the manual detection-based systems that other laboratories use, but it can also detect threats that are harmful for your systems. Combining Collective Intelligence and TruPrevent technologies, Panda Cloud Antivirus can detect even the most complex malware.


Improved disinfection: The community feature of Collective Intelligence offers great visibility and traceability of the new malware techniques &distribution points.

Improved Detection: Channeling the apt information to the centralized Collective Intelligence knowledge foundation, where it can be shared by the community in real time.

Scalability: The scanning power used at the servers is only limited by hardware and bandwidth scaling.

Better resource consumption: With the robotized malware remediation module most signatures shouldn’t be downloaded to every client as they work from the cloud.

In Collective Intelligence, each Panda client is a sensor for new malware. This is accomplished by having factual information about malware sent back to the cloud. Therefore, there is lessened data transfer capacity utilization on customers' PCs and the security is a great deal more exhaustive and speedier. The way that Panda Security's Collective Intelligence fills in as an on the web, constant database that contains the significant mark documents and with only a base on the customer endpoint, has the enormous effect.

The above-mentioned features and updates about the program are for the basic information of the users. If they are not clear or you are confused or not able to understand, you can Contact Panda Security Number to fetch quick suggestions and tips.
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