How to maintain Email secrecy With McAfee's Encryption Service?

Email has become the most used mode to communicate within the business scenarios, it has the ability to interact and share information via email is essential, especially for the travelers. Employees on the go may need important information such as phone numbers, updated sales reports and figures to present to the senior management, in this regard, emails is a better option for the employees. With that, ensuring that the data remains secured, when discussing vital company matters is quite necessary. Data exposure through email has become such a big problem. A single ‘mis-click’ could expose secret company information; disclose confidential financial statements, or sensitive negotiations. That is where McAfee SaaS Email Encryption proves to be beneficial.

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McAfee's Security (SaaS) Email Encryption Service offers a cloud-based solution to protect data and prevent data-leakage via email. This service allows a firm to encrypt secret emails without putting burdens on the employees to secure the data. Since the solution is always cloud-based, the IT department will not have to see and correct the system related issues regularly and can focus on other duties.

How it Operates?

The McAfee Encryption service has proved to be the best as the best, in order to protect all the crucial information there and then. Now, we will see some of the steps on how it works or operates:

In the first option, administrators set the company's encryption policies through a web-based SaaS Control Console. Through it, the administrator can set the company's privacy policies and customize what data should be encrypted. Once these policies get active, email senders can compose and send emails as they normally. The service automatically scans the information and the email being sent, in order to provide you maximum security.

With the second option, McAfee offers on-demand email encryption that means that the email senders can tag their mails in the subject line or within the email message body. Again, when they send the email, the Encryption Service scans content, before sending it to the receiver.

With it, when the recipient replies to the email, McAfee instantly encrypts that email, even if the person does not have the Encryption Service. This protection ensures that the data remains secure always
Reliable Security

Encryption Technologies Include:-
  • First is the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  • The Secure / Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME)
  • X.509 certificates by McAfee
  • Triple Data Encryption Standard, known as (3DES)
  • Advanced Encryption Standard, which is- (AES) and
  • 1024 bit RSA keys
  • Lastly, 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
If you find the steps unclear and you want a professional help as soon as possible, you can dial McAfee support number to ensure that you are in safe hands and get all the problems solved easily and without any hurdles.
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